Caboodle Cat

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Caboodle came to us very pregnant and about to be sent for a swim in the river with some concrete shoes.  Seems she had been living in the Watch Factory boiler room, catching her own birds there.  Then she got pregnant.  When the Mayor (as we called him) of the Watch Factory caught on to this, it was "Out of here!"  Hector the building janitor brought her to us, and we ended up adopting her.  Mim took one of her kittens (skooter). 

She spent stints at home and in the upstairs space.  It seemed we couldn't keep her at home, as she believed that the best defense was a good offense ... and would attack poor Happy in his sleep.  Since Happy had grown up with Squirkel the cat, he didn't see cats as something he could or should go after.  It was not at all fair. 

One night at the Lab she even caught a mouse, which we called Inna's Mouse.  Good cat! 

After seeing Happy day after day for two or three years, she finally decided he was OK, so she moved back home and has been living happily ever after. 

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