John Nels Hatleberg - Rogue Jeweler and Stonecutter!

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John Hatleberg has made the most incredible pearl corn cobs.  He is also the author of Diamond-Air, a sealed glass tube containing CO2 formed from burning diamonds (C) in air (O2).  His CZ replicas of huge DeBeers diamonds are legendary, which they ought to be.  They take thousands of measurements and months of work to complete.  I am honored to count him among our Beta people. 

Here he is in ... uh, where, John? ... uh, well anyway, and as you can see he is ... doing what, John?  Toilet paper? mmm.

I'm sure the bales of hay have something to do with this.

This article about John appeared in the May Modern Jeweler. 

John made a full-scale replica of the Hope Diamond in Chocolate.  It was sold by the Smithsonian (for a while).

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