Lisa Raffonelli

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Lisa Raffonelli goes way, way, way back with Dendritics.  JB met her as an ex-sister-in-law's school chum back in 1983.  At Dendritics her card read "Dielectric Calibration Specialist", as she was the Sensor Squeeze Queen, adjusting the gaps in Gemscale 50 and Gemscale 100 sensors by tweaking the springs (and hence their capacitance, which uses the gap as a dielectric material).  She had the awesome responsibility of the food at many of our frequent birthday parties, as well as the Big Bash in April 1992.  Lisa joined the Peace Corps and there was nothing we could do, but name a robot after her and send her a politically-incorrect cartoonLisa the Robot was her replacement, also adjusting the gaps on sensors.  On more than one occasion she had to pass judgment on vendors who wanted to make sensors.  Usually badly.

JB - Marian - Lisa - Nam at the 10th Anniversary party on April Fools day, 1992

Wait, there's More!

Handwriting analysis proves Lisa the author of this Christmas poem

Also, here's a politically-incorrect Steve toon--this one drawn upon the
occasion of Lisa leaving for Cameroon.

Lines, Written on the Recollection of Lisa's Arrival at Dendritics
by Frederick Miller

And here is her Publication from Refugee Reports in April 2002

Somehow, this cartoon modification has Lisa's method to it --- yep.  :-) ... But what was it about?  Hmmm...

Squeeze with ease (Incessantly)!  The cat "Crevice" was Steve's (brief) name for Squirkel

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