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The Guest Rabbit is here to settle, once and for all, the great Foo Foo debate.

When she was a child, the Guest Rabbit learned a charming, if somewhat inexplicable song about a small hopping forest creature who had an odd field mouse bopping fetish. This went on for far too long, until an intervention by a kindly Blue Fairy, who threatened impending Goondom for the protagonist if he did not change his evil ways.

The Guest Rabbit learned this odd little ditty (at approximately the same time as she learned other mysterious things involving tuffets and people living in shoes) as "Little Rabbit Foo Foo". When she grew up and moved far away, she learned that other people sing the song as "Little Bunny Foo Foo." She was horrified. (At this point those of you who have never heard of this song are completely lost. Rabbit: http://guidinguk.freeservers.com/Foo-Foo.html (warning, there's music) or Bunny: http://www-personal.umich.edu/~pfa/dreamhouse/nursery/rhymes/foofoo.html )

She set out to find a definitive answer: Rabbit or Bunny? Google supports "little bunny foo foo", with 1260 results to 370 for "little rabbit foo foo" (though without quotes, it's much closer: 3290 to 3130). Other debates arise around what the small leporid does to the field mice (bopping vs. bashing), the signature quality of the Fairy (Blue or Good), and if one must include the moral of the story ("hare today, goon tomorrow!") The Guest Rabbit is fond of "bopping", "Blue", and the moral, if you must know. The Guest Rabbit also believes that the moral needs to be delivered with a really horrible cackle, though she is not entirely sure why the Blue Fairy would cackle. As it happens, there are many things about this song that the Guest Rabbit does not quite understand.

Through the magic of Google Groups, the Guest Rabbit uncovered an elaborate explanation involving Shakespeare, Chaucer and Gertrude Stein. The Guest Rabbit makes no warranty as to the accuracy of this explanation, but was highly amused nonetheless: http://makeashorterlink.com/?C3E321E91

And now, you can help settle this once and for all, by voting in the official LITTLE _____ FOO FOO poll (feel free to invite others to vote too): http://vote.sparklit.com/web_poll.spark/672928

Please note that the Guest Rabbit will continue to sing the song as "Little RABBIT Foo Foo", no matter how the vote turns out.

Please further note that singing the song as "Rabbit Rabbit Foo Foo" on the first day of every month will count towards your good luck, as described above. Singing the song as "Bunny Bunny Foo Foo" is obviously useless. (From http://www.harrumph.com/rabbit)

- Judith on 10/21/2002

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