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The way I heard it (and I still do this whenever possible, even as a supposed "adult") was

Before you go to bed on the last day of the month, the last thing you should speak aloud is "bunny bunny".

In the morning of the new month, the first words out of your mouth must be "rabbit rabbit".

I got this from a children's book when I was a kid.

So, I vote for


- KevinK on 6/19/2002

I did my version (Bunny Bunny on Feb 28 and Rabbit Rabbit on March 1st), although I do it when I remember instead of making it the last and first thing I say at night and in the morning like I'm supposed to. My new rule is I have to be alone and say it outloud.

Hey sis, do you remember where we learned about "Bunny Bunny/Rabbit Rabbit"? I think it was a book you had with all kinds of different things to do, games to play, songs to sing, kids trivia, etc. I know a guy who runs a web page on this stuff and he's looking for the source of "my version" of the good luck "trick". For some reason I seem to associate it with Susan too...?

- KevinK on 3/3/2003

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