Peter Siy

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Shortly after the Gemscale 50 debut in February 1991, I began the search for an alternate technology for use in a higher resolution scale.  And shortly settled on a technique of sampling analog sine waves using a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and then translating those sampled waves to produce a very accurate frequency estimate, which in turn could be turned into a very accurate weight reading.  I knew nothing about DSP's, and my inquiries at Texas Instruments (a major DSP manufacturer) led me to Peter Siy, who was at the time developing emulators to be used in debugging TI's DSP chips. 

Fortunately for us, Peter was in a very early stage of his company White Mountain DSP (which eventually he sold to TI).  So Peter had the time to help us in some early theoretical development and algorithm planning, which served as a proving ground for the resolution we needed in our new scale.  It is fair to say that without Peter's help, all our Gemscales after the original Gemscale 50 and 100 just might never have come into existence.

Peter also introduced me to his teacher at Northeastern, Dr. Nam C. Li, who became our Analog Electronics Guru.

Peter Siy and Nam.

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