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Steve's cartoons litter this website, so this is not a page with all of them.  Hardly!  Just the ones that needed to go somewhere.

Some of Steve's cartoons just don't have obvious places.  They are just piled together here.  The rest are scattered around the website.

A self-portrait.  JB, that creep, would come in and spend all weekend at the Lab, which inevitably resulted in a deskfull of little notes to greet Steve on Monday morning.

When Steve retired, we rented the Totem, a boat plying amusements up and down the Charles which we had watched for years.  Bill was in Hong Kong at the time, so he missed it.  And Bill's abhorrence of "foreign" food was legendary.  Hence the "Eat your heart out, Bill!"

Really cute, those coneheads.  Here is a bigger version.  Steve made up a brief sketch of just a few of us, which you can see on the Engineering page..

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