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Wisdom #992: Freedom begins when you tell Mrs. Grundy to go fly a kite.

Wisdom #1097: I like winter. I like the cold. I like the sound of flowers dying.

Wisdom #1319: Nice computers don't go down...

Wisdom #1483: The denizens of this sizzling-hot, freezing-cold, rocky, rotten island were monsters -- huge or miserably stunted, fat or scraggly, dry or slimy, with scales, warts, pimples, tentacles, talons, fangs, extra arms, eyes, legs, tails, and even heads, all in

Wisdom #407: Where there's a will, I want to be in it.

Wisdom #1104: I must have a prodigious quantity of mind; it takes me as long as a week sometimes to make it up.

Wisdom #680: The only difference between a rut and a grave is the depth

Wisdom #1504: The only way to amuse some people is to slip and fall on an icy pavement.

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