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Wisdom #96: Now is your chance to have your ears pierced and get an extra pair to take home, too.

Wisdom #974: Fish heads, fish heads, roly-poly fish heads

Wisdom #1302: My question is simply this: Are you menstruating?

Wisdom #985: For every new foolproof invention there is a new and improved fool.

Wisdom #228: 3 Biggest Software Lies: - The program's fully tested and bugfree. - We're working on the documentation. - Of course we can modify it.

Wisdom #337: The ten thousand things How long do any persist? Netscape, too, has gone.

Wisdom #223: Please call me after 5:30 because I am self-employed and my employer does not know I am looking for a job.

Wisdom #1019: Hail Bob!

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